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Holly and Ryan cared so much about our family and friends and the connections we had with everyone. They made it a point to have meetings with us before the wedding to get to know us on a personal level & ask us about the people that would be in our wedding. That made such a difference!! Our wedding film was so AMAZING. Not only was it beautifully made, but they told a story throughout the entire film. I believe since they made a point to actually get to know us as a couple, that showed throughout our film!

from the couple

Jerika and Harry chose the Sacred Oaks venue at Camp Lucy for a stunning outdoor ceremony. Nestled on a gorgeous hill country ranch on a bluff above famed onion creak in Dripping Springs, Texas. It was the perfect place to welcome their friends and family for a weekend of celebration. One of the couple’s favorite touches was their custom family crest which was found on primary pieces through their wedding and the best version featuring their dog was found on the cocktail napkins. Surrounded by joy and laughter from their friends and family made for the most memorable of the night.

Jerika / Harry


She is a free-spirit while He is very structured and takes care of her. One of the major things that drew Jerika to Harry was his closeness to his family. They are both huge family people and they really show that at their wedding weekend as well. When they reached out to us they shared they love how the camera moves in our videos and what we focused on, the people.

Jerika was taken by surprise with Harry, how well he took care of her, how good of a man he was. She brought him home to meet her parents and well….if you hit play we will let her mom tell the rest of this story. 

Camp Lucy is nestled on a gorgeous hill country ranch on a bluff above famed onion creak in Dripping Springs, Texas. The 275-acre property owned but Whit Hanks, is named for his mother, Lucy Hanks, and its history as an idyllic family getaway. Because Jerika is a designer in architect she was drawn to and loved the cabins at camp Lucy and they had the family stay for the whole weekend. She wanted a destination feel type wedding.

Planner: Westcott Weddings
Photographer: Jenna McElroy
Hair / Make-up: Meagan Milstead Makeup Artistry
Entertainment: Ice House Band
Florist: Whim Hospitality



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