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opposites attract

asks first
acts first
plays it safe
takes the risk
free spirited

Holly has been fascinated by film & movies since she was a little girl


Ryan is like a sponge and can learn anything from diving into books!


Ryan geeks out on equipment, technology, baseball stats & video games (especially all things Nintendo)


Holly has jumped cliffs, swam with dolphins, travels any chance she gets and dances every day


"Slow and steady wins the race", he says.


Holly is always so full of excitement, she wants everything done super fast, she also loves running.


Ryan sees most things as a mind field and thinks of every possible outcome before proceeding with caution.

Holly sees all of the benefits of taking risks, she gets that fear before the jump but she knows how thrilling it all can be once she lets go.


Everything spicy and tacos for every meal, every day! 


Sweets, the sour candies and the chocolates


Ryan always says she is a shoot first, aim second person.


Ryan is inquisitive and always wants to understand the why.

The assignment that day was to bring your list of 50 top dreams and to share just 3 of those dreams. She picked 2 conservative dreams and one big hairy audacious dream to share. As soon as she shared her dream of making a motion picture one day his head immediately looked up, and he noticed her in a completely different way that day. A million questions came flooding his mind and he asked to sit with her at lunch.  They ended up discussing filmmaking, movies, and that dream of hers for over an hour. The spark was ignited between the two and their journey began on that day....

Wife & husband, parents, believers, videographers

Holly / Ryan

hey, we are
NOT ONLY WAS our wedding film BEAUTIFULLY MADE, BUT THEY TOLD A STORY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE FILM. Holly and Ryan cared so much about our family and friends and made it a point to get to know us on a personal level and that showed throughout our film!

I'm a Minnesota native who will always love thick socks, heavy blankets, and fireplaces no matter where I live (even Texas).

Give me Jesus, music, and bread and I'm a happy girl. I'm a sucker for experiencing new things and making new memories but it's more than a plane ticket and new scene, it's learning a new culture and why they do what they love.

My story starts where most people may start, at a young age. Most of my time was spent listening to music envisioning the videos, dance moves, and inspirational stories I wanted to somehow create. 

In these moments, I was safe and it was in these moments that I was fully myself and that sense of complete freedom and joy was potent in those times.

There is a unique strength that was strategically placed in that little girl's heart, for God knew that I would need it at such a young age and continue to grow and develop it throughout my life as well.

He made her the type of flower that can still grow after a forest fire over and over again.

Within my life, I've experienced multiple tragedies & mournings of those very dear to my heart. I've been able to build a business to support my family, I've moved across the country with only a 7-month-old baby in my lap not knowing what lied ahead in a foreign place with no community waiting for us, and I've been able to carry & grow 3 beautiful children.

But like the strength of the flower, it has made me a pioneer, and I only hope that these tiny seeds and messages from what I see and create will ride the wind like parachutes and begin new life wherever God may carry it.

I create to inspire your soul and possibly plant new beginnings that will bloom into strength and beauty for you as well.

the comfort queen

Meet Holly

It wasn’t until I met Holly that I was able to do something with all my knowledge and skills and take it to the next level. We worked together on many video projects together and discovered that we complement each other in almost every aspect.

Now, after starting our own business, we love capturing what we see around us with a fresh perspective and in a totally unique way. This is what makes our job so much fun because it feels like there are endless possibilities.

It all started my senior year in high school when I took a broadcast production class that I learned videography was definitely for me. I looked forward to that class every day. A three-hour class seemed like only 1 hour; time just flew by! I learned how to use my creativity and artistic talent in a way I never had before by using cameras and computers it was a perfect fit!

This newly found passion propelled me to learn more about this craft and prepare myself to make it a career. with my huge passion for art and technology, being a videographer came naturally and I love it.

Put your headphones on, press play, and step away from life to escape. Learn, listen, and experience so many moments in time through our films. We create for people to relive their most moving moments and for everyone else to be inspired by them. Let’s share life and everything that comes with it.

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