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From the moment you connect with us, you'll notice something different: we truly care about what drives you and inspires you.  With a proven journey-led method, we take the time with you long before your wedding day to uncover what you value most so that no moment or emotion is overlooked on your wedding day. And when that day finally arrives, you can feel confident that we'll be ready for all those moments - big and small - that will weave together to create a story that's like no other; your wedding film, to enjoy for the rest of your lives. 

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Your wedding day is a celebration of so many things the journey that brought you together, the joy of this moment and the marriage you're creating that reflects the heart of God.  

We're passionate about making sure your wedding video not only captures the celebration of your love for each other, but also the foundation you are building for a lifetime together. 

We're committed to filming your love that is rooted in faith and present in joy.

you can trust Purely Films to lean into your story, to surprise you with moments you’d miss otherwise, and to craft a film that evokes all the love that your wedding celebrates.”

Your story is worth telling and we believe in telling that story through the lens of your wedding.  We're passionate about creating authentic video that tells your love story the way photographs never could. 

We put in the work to uncover the themes of encouragement, perseverance, and growth you've experienced in life that have led you to this point as you begin your new life together. 

How exactly do we do this? Very carefully.

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Husband and wife wedding videographers in Austin, serving central texas and destination events


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megan / jacob

"God thanks for today. Thank you that we made it here because you made this day, you're making us one. You brought us together from the start. All this is for you, Jesus. May every man, woman and kid here, get a look at you today. That we'd look like heaven and that this marriage would be this joyful in our hearts every day."

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Shanna / Jake

"You've been my biggest supporter, cheerleader and best friend through everything. I'm a firm believer that love knows no distance nor amount of mileage that can separate us. We've always been a team in all things. We've always shared the commonality that together there is no hurdle or challenge too great for us."

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jerika / harry

"I want Harry to know how proud my dad was of him. As a daughter, you always want your father to be happy and comfortable with the man that was to be your husband. Well, he was so proud of the man Harry is and confident in the husband he is going to be. He would have been so proud to give me to him.

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lauren / jake

"I can’t promise we won't have really rough days, but I can promise my heart will always be yours. I promise to wake up every day choosing us. Love is a choice and it takes work. I'll be here every day for the rest of your life and I feel like a lifetime won't be enough."

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