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Just incredible!!!!!!!!
Words won't do it justice how well you captured the day and told our story!!! 
Love the music choice! Such great songs and the transitions flowed so well! 
Love the inclusion of all the family in there.  So glad y'all were part of our day.  Epic video that we'll have FOREVER!! Such heartfelt quotes and funny moments too!  Just the best.  We love how y'all told the story, can't wait to share with our families. 

from the couple

What a ride, what a story, what a couple!  
This day could never be forgotten...it was full of laughter, fun, joy, happy tears and the most important people in life.  
Lindsey and Spencer met through a mutual friend and connected on all things about Dermot Kennedy, adventures and surprisingly....beards. 
They have such a love and passion for life and living it to the fullest with God by their side. This day was such a wonderful wild ride that we now can experience over and over again for so many years to come!

Lindsey / Spencer


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If you have the chance to meet Lindsey and Spencer, then you are blessed.  These two people are filled with passion and patience.  They have high values and know the great gifts that come from holding those values tightly.  They are adventure seekers and don't take life for granted. 

A friend texted Lindsey asking if she liked guys with beards, she replied, yes but scruffy not full beards.  Little did Lindsey know that this man (Spencer) who had a full beard was going to be her husband.

Who wouldn't want to get married on a lake and spend a weekend with friends and family having fun, playing games, swimming the pool and spending amazing quality time together?! 
It was such a beautiful and perfect day to get married right on Lake Austin with those who are closest to you. 

Venue : Lake House on Lake Austin
Photographer: John Moody
Hair / Make-up: Lux Artistry Group
Dress : Hailey Paige
Florist: Farmer and I

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