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Emily and Cole eloped with an incredible view of a stunning catamaran.  It all overlooked the Abaco Beach Resort's ocean horizon in Marsh Harbour Bahamas.
A 4 day celebration in the breath taking waters of the Caribbean.  The adventurous weekend was full of unforgettable experiences and astonishing sites like island hopping, swimming with pigs, tasting local cuisine, spear fishing, swimming with sharks, sailing with dolphins, visiting the Elbow Reef Lighthouse, racing storms, dodging the rain and praying for sunshine. What an unforgettable and incredible way to start the biggest adventure of their lives.

Emily / Cole


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Emily and Cole are a powerhouse couple. 
They go after what they want and they are not afraid to try new things. They are driven, ambitious but make sure they let loose and live life to the fullest. 

Emily was focused on her career when she met Cole but Cole stood out to Emily when he continued to talk about their dream of being on the water like it was no big deal.  They met through friends and since the beginning they always talked about their love for being on the water and it was a dream they discovered together that brought them closer. 

Abaco Beach Resort is one of the most highly sought after resorts in Marsh Harbour Bahamas.  
It is a stunning resort that is also a Boat Harbour Marina.  It is a classic Bahamian getaway that captures the true essence of the Out Island spirit

Filmmakers: Purely Films
Photographer : Laurent Gloor
Venue : Abaco Beach Resor & Marina
Sailboat : Sail La Vie 
Wedding Planner : Ronda with Abaco Beach Resort
Dress Designer : Alamour


Abaco Beach Resort | Marsh Harbour, bahamas

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