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Top Tips For Guaranteed Heartfelt Toasts


So you’ve asked your closest friends and family to share on your big day, but you have no clue what they are going to share.  After attending hundreds of weddings and listened to even more toasts, we wanted to help our couples on how to have your loved ones share some amazing toast.  

We will be sharing both dos and donts because we can not tell you how many times witnessed some super awkward or uncomfortable moments all because someone means well but it did not come off quite right. 

Send them this list of dos and donts which will guide them in the right direction.


share your side of the story

introduce yourself, share how you met the person you are closest to, share how you met the one they love.  Share the moment you learned about this person they love so much.  What did you first notice?  How did you feel for your friend?  What qualities have you witnessed in the one your friend is marrying.  


share embarrassing stories

I dont know why this tradition has started when it comes to toasts, they re toasts not roasts and the only person who enjoys embarrassing stories is the uncle who was questionable to put on the invite list.  Embarrassing stories are embarrassing, that’s it.  You can save those for batchlor/batchlorette parties, not in front of their hundreds of most important people and even new family members.  Again think of your audience 


describe qualities

Talk about the bride and grooms qualities in life. Share things like how they are kind, warm hearted, funny, giving, selfless, vibrant, driven and maybe share a short story as a reflection of one of those qualities. It always feels amazing to hear of these things about yourself or the one whom you love the most.


Only talk about you

or you and the bride or groom.  Yes, you were asked to speak and you need to introduce yourself but you also need to know who you are talking to.  There are toasts written as if it was a very meaningful birthday card talking a lot about how this person has changed your life but we are all here for the couple and their relationship not just yours.  

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