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Teacher Surprised with Letters from Students at Her Ceremony


Where do I start …. This wedding was so full of amazing moments and memories. If you just can’t wait to see the film then jump to the bottom of the post.

#1. Michelle (the bride) is a teacher, an amazing teacher.

The first things I think of about this wedding day are One that impacts your life and she loves her students so much. Montana (the groom) even proposed to her with the help of her 4th graders! She was really sad at the fact that her students and their parents (who were invited to the wedding) would not be able to make it due to the 2020 Covid Pandemic.

After I heard her heart on the matter I thought, there has to be something we can do…So I emailed her principal, who also happened to be officiating the wedding, and asked her if we could have some students write letters to Michelle for her to read and help for it to feel more like they were there. Her principal agreed and had the awesome idea of even reading them and surprising her during the ceremony!

It was so memoriable and adorable hearing the blessings of these children being spread for Michelle and Montana’s marriage and life together.

#2. Montana (the groom) Surprised Michelle With A Video Message of Him Asking Her Mom For Her Blessing!

Montana knew how much Michelle valued video and wanted a video of their story. He went out and bought an iTouch just to put a video on it and wrap it up for her on their wedding day. He even recorded himself calling her mother to ask for her blessing to marry her daughter.

He included video clips of him picking out her ring, making the signs for the kids to hold and him getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. This is so rare for a couple to let alone have video of the proposal but then to have all of these other moments put together given as a gift and then have her tearful reaction filmed as well on her wedding day!

What an incredible gift!

This is exactly why video is so important in life, just imagine if you had these type of videos to watch anytime in life and re-live all over again.

#3. Having Joy through a Pandemic

I can’t even begin to tell you all that Michelle and Montana have had to go through with the Covid 19 Pandemic and planning their wedding. Montana is a firefighter and Michelle a teacher. It wasn’t hard to journey through this but they did it together and became stronger.

Montana’s best man said,

“If you guys can have a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, there’s no doubt, your marriage can withstand anything life throws at you.”

He is absolutely right! Their heart and resilience through it all has been so inspiring to us and we will never ever forget this wedding

We must give credit to The Amazing Wedding Team:

Wedding Venue : Hayes Hallow at Hidden Falls ran by Walters Wedding Estates

Photographers : Karinamaks Photography

Florals : Good Seed Floral

Entertainment : LeForce Entertainment

Dress Designer : Essence of Australia

Hair & Make Up : Sun Kissed and Made up

Stationary : Minted

Photo Booth: Pixster Photo Booth

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