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Creative Emotional Covid Wedding at Mae’s Ridge


Covid made them think outside the box

This creative emotional covid wedding at Mae’s Ridge will give you ideas on how to make lemonade when life throws you lemons. With Weddings looking so differently these days after the 2020 covid pandemic and I’ve been noticing that people have to get so much more creative with finances, health, social distancing and still give an experience to their guests they will never forget.

Caroline and Micah really focused on this and pulled off one of the most creative weddings we’ve ever seen. This was technically a destination wedding for Caroline and Micah’s guests. They were not familiar with the Texas hill country as they were taken back by all the beauty and windy roads where they can retreat for the night and celebrate.

Live Stream your wedding and still feel all the emotions

They had a small simple affair that matched the breathtaking views and modern bohemian charm decor. Because everyone couldn’t attend due to Covid or travel restrictions they were interested in having live streaming for their wedding but they didn’t want to compromise experience for their guests.

Im going to be honest here for a second and share that it is a challenge to give an experience through a screen and it is like 100x more difficult to do so with a live event, we called the best in the area and a friend of ours to come and give so many of their guests from home an amazing experience! Randy Robinson Films is Austin’s Premier wedding live streaming company and just 5 minutes after the ceremony we were already hearing from the bride and groom themselves that they were getting messages from their friends and family sharing how beautiful and professional their at home viewing was. Five stars for Randy always!

The most creative way to have a wedding reception!

Something else I absolutely have to mention is the silent disco! So the couple choose to have their entire wedding outdoors to keep all of their loved ones safe and healthy. With this slight change of wedding plans the area had a sound ordinance after a certain time but they wanted to keep dancing.

We have never heard of a silent disco and had a very hard time picturing it when they first told us about it but I’m here to tell you that it is a blast! What a unique, hilarious, freeing, fun, quirky experience to have. As soon as their guests put on those head phones it was like a magic spell was upon them and there was not a care in the world, only joy! The dancing and singing was endless and it pulled EVERYONE out on the dance floor! They were truly in a whole other world of freedom. A BIG thanks goes out to Party By Blake for such an incredible night of celebration!


Venue: Mae’s Ridge

Catering : Peached Tortilla

Make up artist: Nisa Nicole

Entertainment: Austin Silent Disco Party by Blake

Florist: The Farmer and I

Photographer: Bonnie Burke

Planner: Emily with Bird Dog Wedding

Bakery: Epicure

Bridesmaids Dress: The Reformation

Dress Designer: Anne Barge

Suit Designer: Suit Supply

Hairstylist : Erica Rae

Stationary: Percolator Press

Honeymoon: Hawaii

If you want more ideas on how to be creative with your wedding due to Covid then see what we did for a teacher who couldn’t have a live ceremony but still wanted them a part of her day.

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